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Purchase Today!General Licensing Information

Fishing Licenses
A fishing license is required for all individuals 15 years of age and over, unless fishing for common carp, crawfish, bullfrogs, smelt or unclassified marine invertebrates.

A shellfish license is required to take anything classified under state shellfish regulations, including sea cucumbers, seaweed, and even squid.

Children under the age of 15 must have and complete a catch record card (CRC) if they are fishing for halibut, steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, or Dungeness crab. Children under 15 must have their catch record card endorsed to harvest Puget Sound Dungeness crab. The first catch record card is available at no charge, subsequent or replacements cards are $12.10 plus dealer fees.

Hunting Licenses
Any individual participating in hunting activities in the State of Washington is required to have a hunting license, regardless of age.

WDFW Access Sites
Any individual parking a vehicle or launching a boat at any WDFW access site must obtain and display a Discover Pass, Vehicle Access Pass, or One-day Discover Pass.

The Vehicle Access Pass and annual Discover Pass are transferable between two vehicles. The vehicle license plate numbers must be written on the Pass and must be visibly displayed in the front windshield.

From this site, you can purchase hunting and fishing licenses, combination licenses, duplicate licenses and make donations to the WDFW.

More information on the Discover Pass may be found at DiscoverPass.wa.gov

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