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Hunter Reports FAQs

Why do I need to report on my hunting activity?

The purpose of the mandatory reporting is to allow the Wildlife Program to receive harvest data necessary to better manage the game species.  This in turn allows for more hunting opportunities.

Why did the system not find my record when I am positive that my WILD ID, Last Name and Date of Birth are all correct?

  • The most common error which causes this to happen is your information was entered incorrectly when your license was initially issued. Check your license documents to make sure your personal information is correct and you are using the exact name under which your license was purchased. If you find this to be the case, enter your information as it is shown on your license document to submit your hunter report. When you have finished submitting your report please e-mail WDFW at licensing@dfw.wa.gov to request the correction of your personal information.

  • If your personal information is correct on your license documents, you may have mistaken a document number for your WILD ID number. Check your license document to see that you have entered your WILD ID number and not a document number, which varies with each document issued.

  • If you still cannot access the listing of your transport tags please report your problem to WDFW at licensing@dfw.wa.gov or call 360-902-2464 and a representative will be happy to assist you.
How do I find my WILD ID for the hunter report if I no longer have my license or tag?
  • You can access your hunter report by searching with either your WILD ID or your Social Security Number

  • If your personal information has not been entered into the WILD System correctly or you are not successful with the above process, please contact WDFW at licensing@dfw.wa.gov or call 360-902-2464 for assistance.


Why are some of my transport tags not listed for hunter reporting?

  • If you purchased a hunting package and did not pick up either your deer or elk transport tag for whatever reason, there is no need to report on that species. Hunter reports are based on the transport tags issued. If you did not pick up a transport tag, you could not legally hunt.

  • It is possible that you have more than one WILD ID number in the system and you purchased your transport tags under a second number. Contact WDFW at licensing@dfw.wa.gov to report your problem and they will be happy to assist you.

  • Remember that only successful cougar transport tags are required to be reported. To report a successful cougar transport tag you must do so in person at one of the WDFW offices. You can contact WDFW for more information on cougar reporting at wildthing@dfw.wa.gov or call the Wildlife Program at 360-902-2515.
When I am reporting on my big game and turkey tags, why are there multiple reports required for some tags?

If you were selected for a special hunt permit you will be required to report on your general season and special hunt permit opportunity.  In order to obtain a more accurate count of the number of hunters in certain areas during the hunting season, the Wildlife Program elected to have hunters report by opportunity. 

How can I make sure my hunter reports were submitted into the WILD system successfully?

  • At the end of the reporting process for each report you will receive a confirmation number for future reference. Please write down this number and keep for your records.  If you did not receive a confirmation number then your report was not processed.  Try again until a confirmation number is provided.

  • If you still want verification you can go through the submittal process again. Successfully reported transport tags will be listed as 'reported' with the date and time stamp of the completed report.

  • If you are having difficulty reporting contact licensing at licensing@dfw.wa.gov or by calling 360-902-2464.
How do I correct mistakes if my hunter report was entered with wrong information?

If you made a mistake on your hunter report it will not affect the purchasing of your license or transport tags for the following season.  You are encouraged to send any corrections to the Wildlife Program at wildthing@dfw.wa.gov.

Why did I receive a notice from WDFW to report my hunting when all my transport tags have been reported?

  • If you have recently submitted your report it may be that the notice was generated prior to your submittal. If you received a confirmation number when you submitted each of your reports, you may disregard the notice.

  • The report you filed may not have been successful. If you sent an e-mail or sent your information through the problem reporting form it will not be considered a valid report. You will need to complete the report by either using the online process or by calling the automated telephone system at 1-877-945-3492.

  • Please view the Hunter Report section for information on the verification of hunter reports. If your reports were submitted successfully, they will be listed as 'reported'. If not, you will need to complete the online hunter report again because your previous report was not processed through the system.

  • If you received notification in your email and you have already completed all of your reports it may be due to someone in your hunting party has the same email address in their profile.


Where and when do I make my migratory bird Harvest Information Program (HIP) report?

The HIP reports are made each year when you purchase a small game license through the WILD system and answer some brief questions regarding your hunting activity from the previous year.

Do I need to report my Migratory Bird harvest?

Yes.  The Migratory Bird harvest report cards must be reported online.  Washington Administrative Code 232-28-435 state, “Hunters must report 2011-12 harvest information from band-tailed pigeon harvest record cards to WDFW for receipt by September 30, 2011, and harvest information from brant, sea duck, and snow goose harvest record cards to WDFW for receipt by February 15, 2012. Every person issued a migratory bird hunting authorization and harvest record card must return the entire card to the Washington department of fish and wildlife or report the card information at the designated internet site listed on the harvest record card. Any hunter failing to report by the deadline will be in noncompliance of reporting requirements. Hunters who have not reported hunting activity by the reporting deadline for any harvest record card acquired in 2012-13 will be required to pay a $10 administrative fee before any new 2013-14 migratory bird authorization and harvest record card will be issued. A hunter may only be penalized a maximum of $10 during a license year.”

Please click here to report on your Band Tailed Pigeon, Brant, Sea Duck, and Snow Goose harvest report cards.

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Administrative Fee - Failure to Report Hunting Activity

What is the administrative fee for failure to report?

In 2005, the Legislature provided the Fish and Wildlife Commission with the authority to charge a $10 administrative fee to hunters who did not report their hunting activity prior to the January 31st deadline. The Commission adopted the administrative fee and associated rules beginning with the 2005 hunting season.

Why impose an administrative fee for failure to report?

The purpose of the administrative fee is to encourage mandatory reporting compliance.  Increased reporting compliance allows the Wildlife Program to receive harvest data necessary to better manage the game species which in turn allows for more hunting opportunities.

What are the administrative fee rules for non-reporting?

Hunter reporting has been required for all deer, elk, black bear, and turkey hunters since the 2001 season. The reports are required by January 31st each year. Those hunting late seasons (after January 31) must report within 10 days of the season closing per Washington Administrative Code 232-28-299.

What do I do if I reported on time but I'm being charged the hunter reporting administrative fee?

If you are at a dealer location during regular business hours, ask the dealer to contact the WDFW Licensing Customer Service Help Desk for verification. If you are making a purchase through the Internet Sales and Service site or at a dealer after regular WDFW business hours, you can email licensing@dfw.wa.gov or call WDFW Licensing Customer Service Help Desk at 360-902-2464 Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm.

If I didn't hunt and did not report is there still an administrative fee charge?

Yes. The requirement is for hunters to report their activity whether or not they participated in the hunts. All tags with the exception of cougar tags must be reported even if you did not hunt for each species for which you were issued a tag and any special hunt permit(s).

Can I report after the deadline?

No. The hunter reporting administrative fee is assessed for failure to report prior to the deadline.  The Wildlife Program compiles and analyzes the information collected from the reports submitted by hunters.  The information gathered must be submitted in a timely manner to assist in planning the next hunting season.

If I pay the hunter reporting administrative fee do I still need to report?

No.  The system will not allow you to enter a report after the reporting deadline.

What if I want to challenge the hunter reporting administrative fee?

Contact WDFW Licensing at 360-902-2464 or by email at licensing@dfw.wa.gov. WDFW Licensing Staff will investigate all challenged administrative fees from the customer.

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